• Download the PDFBlue Pillar Digital Brochure

    Blue Pillar’s Digital Energy Network: Lowers Costs, Assures Compliance, Unlocks Energy Value.

  • Download the PDFFORBES: Digital Energy Networks – pushing power to the edge

    The Digital Energy Network…reduces enterprise risk and transforms cost centers into profit centers.

  • Download the PDFDigital Energy Networks: Mission Critical Power Meets ROI

    Peter Asmus, Senior Research Analyst and Clint Wheelock, Managing Director Pike Research

    The growing complexity of distributed energy resources (DER) being installed directly at commercial customer sites presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

  • Download the PDFMeasuring the ROI of a Digital Energy Network: How to Achieve New Levels of Operational Efficiency and Capitalize on Today’s Demand Response and Ancillary Energy Markets

    Here are just some of the ways Blue Pillar’s customers have achieved both qualitative and quantitative benefits by implementing a Digital Energy Network.

  • Download the PDFThe Packaged Solution Advantage: A Turn-key Alternative to Custom Energy Management Applications

    This solution brief highlights the common problems encountered in custom integration projects, and describes how Blue Pillar has been able to overcome these problems with a turn-key solution.

  • Download the PDFThe Blue Pillar Digital Energy Network Experience: A Comparison with Custom SCADA Applications Operational Effectiveness at an Unprecedented Level

    Everything about the Blue Pillar Digital Energy Network is unprecedented. It’s about as far from the status quo of custom SCADA integration projects as anything can get.

  • Download the PDFHealthcare Solution Brief: Deploying a Digital Energy Network to Manage Emergency Power Supply Systems

    To alleviate healthcare facilities from the considerable risk and significant inefficiencies of manual EPSS management, Blue Pillar provides the industry’s only turn-key Digital Energy Network.

  • Download the PDFDuke University Medical Center Case Study

    By Don Rust

    Software prototype introduced to remotely monitor and control back-up generators at Duke University Medical Center develops into a fully-realized energy asset management system.

  • Download the PDFCyber-securing Energy Assets with a Digital Energy Network

    This Solution Brief highlights the security exposures created by custom integration projects, and describes how Blue Pillar’s Digital Energy Network provides robust cyber-security in a proven, packaged solution.

  • Download the PDFProduct Feature Comparison Matrix

    Compares a Blue Pillar Digital Energy Network implementation with a Custom SCADA solution.



  • Download the PDFAsset Interface Microserver Datasheet





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