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Blue Pillar’s Digital Energy Network: Lowers Costs, Assures Compliance, Unlocks Energy Value.

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The Need for a Digital Energy NetworkDigital Energy Network Digital Energy Network

The need for a Digital Energy Network exists in virtually any organization where power is critical.  The enterprise infrastructure that generates energy and manages its consumption during a power outage in a large organization normally consists of various makes, models and vintages of a wide range of assets.  This includes everything from diesel generators, automatic transfer switches, switchgear, chillers, building automation systems, fuel systems and pumps, to thermal storage, cogeneration and other equipment.  Most of these systems must be managed manually because they lack remote monitoring and control capabilities.  The resulting problems include:

• Operational inefficiencies due to lack of centralized command and control

• Excessive operations and maintenance overhead

• High total cost of asset ownership

• Unrealized financial benefits from new demand response and ancillary energy markets

• Corporate oversight and regulatory compliance exposure

• Security risks caused by physical energy asset vulnerabilities

• Lack of asset readiness and real-time insight from manual management processes

• Frequent service interruptions that disrupt business operations

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Blue Pillar’s Digital Energy Network Solution At-a-GlanceNetwork Solution Digital Energy Network

Blue Pillar’s Digital Energy Network delivers a cyber-secure layer of intelligence to an organization’s energy assets, making them “digital” with full remote command and control capabilities.  It then networks them into a system of subsystems for centralized monitoring and management.  The Digital Energy Network can interface with other energy management systems, including those for buildings, campuses and/or microgrids, thereby providing a holistic view with real-time situational awareness down to the circuit level.

Blue Pillar’s packaged Digital Energy Network solutions can be widely deployed to address the following:

• Emergency or Backup Power Supply Systems

• Cyber-Secure Critical Power Management

• Energy Asset Management and Operational Efficiency

• The Joint Commission

• Regulatory Compliance (and other Agency requirements)

• Multi-site System Management

• Dynamic Load Shaping

Blue Pillar’s Digital Energy Network addresses the wide-ranging needs of key stakeholders across the organization:

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Chief Operating Officers can improve business continuity, energy security, and regulatory and environmental compliance by enhancing the readiness, reliability and security of mission-critical power systems, while also lowering energy spend.

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Chief Financial Officers can lower energy spend by “monetizing” power generation and consumption through participation in ancillary energy markets, and utility distributed energy resource and demand response (DER/DR) programs, and by reducing operational expenditures.

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Facilities Managers can enhance staff productivity through substantially simplified operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing, capacity planning, data-logging, record-keeping and applicable regulatory compliance for all power generation and consumption assets.

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